The format of Calendar

Printing a calendar, whether it’s a desktop calendar or a hanging calendar for new year gifts. You can change the format of your calendar every year. Whether its the design, layout, photo, etc., to suit your company preference and to ensure that it is something special. Right now there is a variety of styles to choose from and choosing the right design is very important. Receiving a calendar with great design at the beginning of the year will ensure that the customer will always think of you throughout the year.

Paper Size

  • Name Card Calendar
  • Hanging Calendar
  • Desktop Horizontal Calendar
  • Desktop Vertical Calendar

Paper used for printing Calendar

  • Coated paper thickness from 190g – 350g

Extra Post Press Techniques

  • PVC coating glossy or matt
  • Varnish coating
  • Emboss and Deboss
  • Gold or Silver Foil
  • Spot UV

Format Printing

  • One side
  • Two side